Sunday, May 14, 2006

Who are Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative?

Hosting Do Your Thing on May 19 are the fabulous folks at Boomalli Gallery in Leichhardt.
Some information about them from the co-operative:

Who are Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative?

Boomalli is an Aboriginal owned and operated artist co-operative,
established over 20 years ago by Koori artists. Boomalli means to
strike a mark! and it is a language word from at least three nations -
Bundjalung, Gamileroi and Wiradjuri - from the region known as New
South Wales.

With over 50 artist members including founding members, the late Michael
and Tracey Moffat, image makers who fought to make
their mark through exhibiting their art on their terms! These artists
refused to be confined by the then existing preconceptions and
incorrect notions held by the majority of non-Aboriginal people about
what constituted ‘truly Aboriginal’ or ‘authentic’ Aboriginal art,
people and culture.
Urban art! Traditional Art! Tradition is a living, changing entity!

Boomalli represents New South Wales Aboriginal people, of whom there are many!

Boomalli is an important Australian entity!!


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