Friday, May 12, 2006

Paulette Whitton's Black Chat on Koori Radio

James and I were on Paulette Whitton's show Black Chat on Koori Radio today with Khi-lee Thorpe one of Boomalli's artist members. Friday is arts day and Paulette interviewed us about why an art gallery was having a dance party and why an indigenous artist's group was playing host to an event by non-indigenous people.

We talked a lot about the idea of bringing different groups and communities of people together and doing something non-commercial in commerce-crazy Sydney and Khi-Lee talked about Boomalli's desire to reach out to new communities and to use the space during their renovations. Paulette asked me if I specifically went out looking for an aboriginal group to work with. I hadn't. I went out looking for a group of artists who got the idea. Boomalli was it.


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